Today I’ll share streets arts of Bangkok’s best street art spots and introduce some of the street artists.

Let’s take a little art walk with me.

Last November I walked nearby Warehouse 30. Then found interesting street art spots. You will find this art street when you return to WAREHOUSE 30’s Soi 30 entrance and walk straight through to the gate at the opposite end at Soi 32.

Alex Face

Alex Face is famous for his signature character, Mardi, a three-eyed kid in a long-eared bunny outfit inspired by his daughter.
Bonus TMC paints large-sized animals engaged in surreal activities. 
Scratching the Surface, on the front wall of the Embassy of Portugal is a stunning wall carving by renowned Portuguese artist Vhils. His works tend to reflect emotion, identity, and the notion of cultural uniqueness, precisely suitable for the Embassy.

Thai illustrator/street artist Kult is known for his surrealist portraits using dreamy compositions.
Kult’s work shows mysterious-looking portraits with blank faces.

Some Graffiti, I could not find these artists’ names.

“Teleport” street art by Gongkhan. He is my first favorite Thai artist. I wrote a blog about his art exhibition before. (Yestertodaymorrow)

I met this artist cat nearby this art street. Just seemed lovely hehe.

Oh I had written about Bangkok’s street art before, Street Art Zone | Chalerm La Park in Bangkok and Bangkok’s New Attraction | Klong Ong Ang Walking Street. You can click it and then explore it.

Hope you like my post. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care!


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