“Messages” The Exhibition

Some people pass through our life briefly but leave a major impact and imprint on our minds. They inspire, encourage, and influence our future direction.

“Messages” is an Art Exhibition was held in MOCA Bangkok. Artworks by Chavalit Soemprungsuk, 5 guest artists and Whether it is Art or Not: Life & Work of Chavalit Soemprungsuk documentary video. This exhibition was created in his memory.

Chavalit Soemprungsuk (30 July 1939 – 27 April 2020) was a Thai painter, sculptor, and printmaker based in Thailand and the Netherlands. He has worked with various media such as painting, drawing, printing, sculpture, and mixed media.

Silpa Bhirasri, born Corrado Feroci, was a Tuscan-born Thai sculptor. He is considered the father of modern art in Thailand and was instrumental in the founding of today’s Silpakorn University.

Chavalit Soemprungsuk is one of the last groups of students to have a chance to study with Silpa Bhirasri. 

Throughout his long career, he regularly exhibited his work in Thailand while residing in the Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, which has the opportunity to accommodate many Thai artists. In 2013, he donated over 4000 pieces of his work and collections to the Thai government for educational purposes. This led to one of the most interesting exhibitions where his Amsterdam studio was reconstructed in the middle of Bangkok. From 2019-2020, we have seen his last and most memorable 80+ Art Festival Thailand to celebrate his career with his latest works in 6 locations.


The great thing about Chavalit was his energy, continued learning, and openness to new ideas, technology, and new ways of representation. Since 2011, he had regularly posted his digital works and his thoughts on a Facebook page. His facebook .

“Whether it is Art or Not” documentary is on the life of Amsterdam-based Thai artist Chavalit Soemprungsuk and explores Soemprungsuk’s lifelong dilemmas; of being part of two cultures, his dedication to the art and the constraint of living in the society, the choice between fame and solitary, and the blurring boundaries between physical and digital realities.

His artwork has become more abstract, focusing on geometric shapes, straight lines, and color fields.

If you want to know more about him here https://mocabangkok.com/event/the-exhibition-messages/

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