“Alongside” art exhibition

“In all the past Nature is always ALONGSIDE it’s the hope of being alive.”

Puttalak Dadsada

Looking at the gallery on my mobile phone, I remembered this beautiful art exhibition. So today I would like to share some pictures from this art exhibition. I think this exhibition will make you meditate and love nature.

Last November, “ALONGSIDE” – SOLO ART EXHIBITION By Puttalak Dadsada was shown at 333Anywhere gallery.

Installation artwork (Wood craft & Iron Butterfly)

On days when I may feel discouraged, I will have things around me as a symbol of inspiration and encouragement, like a flower beside a butterfly, the sky beside the birds.

“Alongside” / her portrait / So lovely

The room of her imagination has nature by her side and a room of reality of life. The other side of life is the room of imagination, which is like a space that allows escaping from the real world.

Season in rain
Around me

Among the various conditions that surround us have changed. In every moment of the coexistence of human beings, animals and plants, everything is connected. be inspired be the driving force and always encourage each other.

1. My space, 2.Side by side
1. Suppose, 2. Look at me
Human nature
Stay here
Human nature
Good day
Follow me

Nature is always by our side; it’s the hope of being alive.

This art exhibition made me so happy and calm mood. I really love her concept and Installation artwork. If you want to know more about this art exhibition here.

Hope you like my post. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care!


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