On the second day, an early morning check-out from Thai Thai Sukhothai Resort.

I will miss this resort. So lovely views. If I have a chance to travel to Sukhothai again, I will definitely come here again.

We then went to Sukhothai Historical Park and spent the day before heading back to Bangkok.

Sukhothai Historical Park was the capital of the Kingdom of Sukhothai that was established in northeastern Thailand in the 13th century.

The Sukhothai Kingdom greatly influenced Thai culture.
To this day, it is considered the birthplace of Thai art, architecture, language, religion, and law.

If you are a heritage enthusiast or history lover, you will find beautiful temple complexes in both Sukhothai and Khmer styles, get wowed by massive Buddha statues, explore the remains of a lost palace, and walk down the aisles of a well-organized history museum.

Wat Si Sawai is a Khmer-styled temple from the late 12th century. It was built as a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva but was later converted into a Buddhist shrine.

Wat Mahathat is the largest temple complex within the walled city of Sukhothai. it’s also the most amazing. Built between 1292–1347 by the first king of the Sukhothai dynasty, Wat Mahathat is a circular ensemble with the main, lotus-shaped stupa in the middle surrounded by 4 smaller stupas and 4 Khmer-styled towers in 8 cardinal directions.

We walked all day that day was so hot (almost 40 degrees). So we couldn’t spend much time exploring here. In the afternoon we went back to Bangkok.

Hope you like my today’s post. If you did not see Travel Diary of Sukhothai Day 1. Click it.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care!


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