UJ’s “Yestertodaymorrow”

“Humans would think that we are mightier than anything else in the world, despite being under an overbearing control of time.

Over time lives are shaped into being how and what we are in the present.

In a pinch of time, we blissfully taste happiness, misery and the enlivening of reality itself, while the future a fanciful hope, unknown of it’s possibilities.”

“Lake of clouds”

Last November 29, I watched “Yestertodaymorrow” art exhibition of Artist Kantapon Gongkan in River City Bangkok .

“16 years old”

Gongkan’s art incorporates symbols of every day objects such as they sky, clouds and water, in his unique way, illustrating and transformation of one objects to another. He particularly likes to feature free-spirited forms of moving water. Each element references freedom.

“Shape of water”

Before i saw that event on Facebook also Thai friend’s Instagram posts. Then i found “Meitu” application has photo filters with his art. They all made me must watch this exhibition. 😅

Actually I’m huge a fan of artworks. Especially a contemporary, a digital, an installation.

“Shade of summer”

I really like an incomprehensible, a mysterious things.

“My island”

Because I must understand them by my own mind and my experiences.


What is this? What am i feeling now? What am i think? oh … is it? Actually i don’t want much read titles of arts. Then i thought later i see titles. But i really liked this art’s titles too. They reminded me a lot things.

Hello “Goodbye”
We are but strangers.
Even though we are provided the opportunity to get know each other well and recognize everything about one another.
“Timeless room”

“1 second”
“Time to go home”
“In vitro flowering”

Gongkan is subjected to chronic insomnia, his mind unable turn off:, a living nightmare. Staring in the room full of darkness but the pictures in head so bright.

“2 worlds boy”

I’m so happy for watched this art exhibition. He is my favorite thai artist now. I’m so exciting and waiting his new exhibition. 🙂


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