National Museum Bangkok 

Today I will share my photos of the National Museum Bangkok. Let’s visit a little museum with me.

National Museum Bangkok, considered the largest in Southeast Asia, houses a vast collection of antiquities including prehistoric art, murals, bronzes, exhibits from other Asian countries, and ceremonial carriages used by royal families.

The National Museum Bangkok is located in Wang Na, or the Boworn Sathan Mongkhon Palace, or the Front Palace which was the palace of the prince viceroys in the past.

Globe (terrestrial) British art, 1855. Queen Victoria of United Kingdom presented to King Rama IV in 1855.
Buddha’s statues. The first one is imagination, the second one is real human Buddha.

An impressive collection of artifacts and treasures is housed in the former royal palace, and the museum provides a fascinating insight into Thai history.

This is a great place to spend 3-4 hours learning more about Thailand, especially in regard to their history in Buddhism and in regard to the monarchy.

Hall of Royal Funerary Chariots

These massive pieces are some of the most detailed in the entire museum. They are still in use for funerals of the Royal Family.

Khachakamprawet Pavilion

If you are visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok, make the short walk north along Sanam Luang to the Bangkok National Museum. So a visit to the museum can be combined with these sights. Visitors can tour independently or join a guided tour of Bangkok that stops at the museum.

Hope you like my post. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care!


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