Bangkok’s New Attraction | Klong Ong Ang Walking Street

Yesterday, I walked to Klong Ong Ang Walking Street. New attraction in Bangkok is a perfect place to take photos. 🙂 Also a lot of street arts and food shops.

Located along both sides of Ong Ang canal, from Damrong Sathit Bridge to Saphan Han Bridge, the walking street also features street art of various styles that depict the mixed character of this area which is home to Thais of different ethnic descent, including Chinese and Indian.

Ong Ang Canal 

Klong Ong Ang is a section of Klong Rop Krung, a moat that was dug soon after King Rama I established Bangkok as the new Thai capital in 1782. 

I think He is new Thai Idol.
I think they are Youtubers or Tiktokers hehe
I watched The Powerpuff Girls when I was young. hehe, this monkey’s name is Mojo Jojo.

I loved to see beautiful street arts and walk around.

Hope you like my post. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care! and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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