It was a beautiful 2 days in Sukhothai I traveled in November 2021. Today I would like to write about Day 1.

Sukhothai is a province in central Thailand that means “Dawn of Happiness”, and its surrounding area is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of Sukhothai are one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets.

On the first morning of the trip, my friend and I drove a car around 400 km north of Bangkok. We arrived at the Thai Thai Resort at night. We stayed two wonderful nights in this resort.

The room was clean and nicely decorated in an ancient Thai style.

The following day after breakfast we first went to Si Satchanalai Historical Park. We cycled there and explored.

The Si Satchanalai is a historical park in Si Satchanalai district, Sukhothai Province. There are numerous temples, Buddha statues, and shrines in and around there.

History: Founded in 1250, Si Satchanalai city was established as a satellite city due to its strategic location during the rise of the Sukhothai Kingdom.

Afternoon, We had Sukhothai-style noodle soup at a local food shop and had coffee at the Amazon coffee shop.

After that, we visited Wat Traphang Thong Buddhist temple. Very beautiful temple with two old wooden bridges, located on a small island, where you can feed fish.

One of the highlights of my Sukhothai tour was Wat Si Chum temple. Most photographed places in the Sukhothai. As you walk toward the temple, you will see a huge Buddha sitting through a gap in the temple. So impressive.

Originally built approximately 700 years ago, the Landmark temple features a 49-ft.-tall Buddha surrounded by stone walls, with an open ceiling.

This place gave me a different impression somehow.

Next, we visited Wat Chan Lom Temple. The temple consists of a circular bell-shaped main temple with 32 elephant statues.

For dinner, we had Thai-style food at a local eatery near the resort. The day was busy exploring.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about Day 2. Hope you like my post.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care!



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