Hiking Adventures at Phu Kradueng Mountain

Last December, I completed 3 days 2 nights trekking in Phu Kradueng mountain. Phu Kradueng is a 1316 m (4318 ft) high mountain in Loei Province, Thailand. It was a good adventure and experience.

First day ’10 km’ – A long day hike

Here’s the map of Phu Kradueng

For the trip to Phu Kradueng, the park will allow visitors to walk up from 07.00-14.00 p.m every day. After 14:00 p.m, the park will not allow the tourists to go up.

if you have a heavy luggage you can hire a service like this until top of the mountain

One rule, You have to reach the top before nightfall. Because it could be difficult and dangerous caused by animals who go hunting at night. Should start early morning.

Don’t forget take a photo during hiking kk
Lunch with sleepy kitty kk
Finally made it!

Then spent 2 nights at the top of the mountain.

A lot of food shops and a small shop on the top of mountain. Price is higher than normal. Also can rent a sleeping bag (40 baht), sleeping mat (30 baht). Tents are only available for rent at spot 150 Baht for 2 people per night. Charging battery fee (at the Tourist Information Center on top) – A cell phone is 20 baht. A power bank is 40 baht.

Second day ’22 km’ – One of the most exhausting and beautiful day

Pha Lom Sak Cliff

Beautiful Sunset

Third day ’18 km’ – Sunrise and Hike down

Sunrise at Pha Nok Aen cliff 

If you want to go there, plan carefully for your hike, make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear (hiking shoes), take a hat, flashlight, mosquito spray and at least a fleece jacket because it gets cold at night around 4-7 gradus.

Hope you like my post. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe and take care!


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