UJ in Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing

Last August 2019, I visited Red Brick contemporary Art Gallery in Beijing city.

So peaceful contemporary art and architecture.

Red Brick Art Gallery and Contemporary art is a folk-based founded by entrepreneurs and art collectors Yan Shijie and Cao Mei.

Black swans are so beautiful.

I went to there at 17 pm, but at 18 pm art gallery must be closed. I had just 1 hour for visit. Service Officer suggested should visit around 2-3 hours. But no time i must go to airport tomorrow early morning. 😦

One of the most beautiful contemporary art museums I’ve ever been to.

Regular Ticket: 130 RMB per person
i like this art. So meaningful to me.

If you love contemporary art and architecture, you must see this place.

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5 thoughts on “UJ in Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing

  1. Your latest post is also amazing but comments are disabled on that.
    It is a WP glitch. You may set it right by going to Dashboard- Posts
    So good to know you UJ 😊🤗


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