Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok | Ecstasy: Li Bangyao Solo Exhibition

Today, I would like to write about Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok Gallery and Li Bangyao Solo Exhibition.

Tang Contemporary Art was established in Bangkok in 1997 and later in Beijing & Hong Kong.

Tang Contemporary Art now has two other galleries: one in Beijing’s prestigious 798 Art Zone and another at H Queen’s building in the Hong Kong’s Central business district.

I have previously written about 798 Art Zone in Beijing City.

In 2019, Tang Contemporary Art opened a new 420 square meter gallery in Creative District. Located in arts and antiques hub River City Bangkok.

Tang Contemporary Art “is fully committed to producing critical projects and exhibitions to promote Contemporary Chinese art regionally and worldwide, and encourage a dynamic exchange between Chinese artists and those abroad.” All three locations act as platforms to bridge artists, curators, collectors, and institutions. Each works locally and internationally to achieve dynamic exhibitions that begin and end with thought-provoking dialogue.

Ecstasy: Li Bangyao Solo Exhibition

At this time, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok presents Li Bangyao’s major works from 2007-2020, the latest parts of his Indoors series, and important works from his Personal Manual, Theory of Evolution, and the Origin of Species. Artworks from his Ecstasy series shown in this exhibition.

I visited last March. I liked his Origin of the Species arts. Some looked so familiar products. My moms sewing machines and kitchen, interiors etc.

1. On the origin of the species No. 1-8, 2. Manual No. 7, 3. Interior No. 6
1. Manual No. 9, 2. Manual No. 1

As one of China’s most important Pop artists, Li Bangyao focuses on the symbolic qualities of the structural systems of objects.

Origin of the species No. 40, 41, 47

Through the refinement of specific symbols for social development and everyday life, he deconstructs and encodes the personal aesthetics, collective memories, and social issues symbolized by objects in a visual language characterized by flat forms and clear outlines.

Interior No. 20

Using Pop Art, he responds to Jean Baudrillard’s research into the shifting meanings of objects in a consumer society. 

Interior No. 17

In Origin of the Species, he selects for study typical, everyday consumer objects such as bicycles, sewing machines, kerosene lamps, and commemorative plaques from the 1950s to 1970s.

Theory of Evolution No. 5

Theory of Evolution juxtaposes grain ration tickets, purchase coupons, and neighborhoods developed by the real estate industry from the time of China’s planned economy, highlighting the changes in the mass consumer landscape as China modernized. This is a form of historical memory and a massive spectacle comprised of visual images produced by a consumer society. 

Theory of Evolution No. 6
Ecstasy No. 1

If you want to know more information about it. Here

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