“BAB 2020″escape routes in Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre

Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) is a biannual art festival set in the capital of Thailand spanning a period of 4 months. 2020’s main theme is “escape routes”. BAB 2020 is hosting art festivals in Bangkok’s top 9 locations through January 31, 2021. BACC is one of them.

My favourite place is Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). I like to see artworks here. I watched art festival on November 7, 2020.

In search for survival we confront our possible futures through the eyes and vision of artists and creative thinkers whose art and action will offer us hope and desire for a better humankind and caring for the earth.

escape routes

35 countries and 82 artists’ artworks and performances.

Cut Piece, by Yoko Ono (performance art videos, old and young version with split 2 screens in the room)

Law of Journey (2016)
Ai Weiwei

Law of Journey (2016) is a culmination of Ai’s visiting 40 refugee camps in 20 countries. An all-black inflatable boat carrying faceless refugee figures. They represent those in exile escaping from Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Gaza, Mexico and countries across the globe.

Money, 2020 by Tawan Wattuya (watercolor)

I was happy when I see mongolian monetary here. Did not expect. kkk

Eins und Eins (One and One)
performance art by (her video beside this artwork)
Melati Suryodarmo

In Eins und Eins (One and One), Suryodarmo imagines her body as a suffering country that endures many aggressions in a silent manner. Eventually, it reacts physically in the form of nausea that subsequently produces vomiting.

1. Alpha, 2019 2. Mars Aliens, 2020
artworks by Baatarzorig Batjargal

Also, I did not expect Mongolian artworks here. I am super happy to see Mongolian artworks. Meaningful a contemporary artworks. Good job!

Pupa, 2019 by Nomin Bold
Chagtaga, 2020
artwork by Nomin Bold
Flow, 2020
artwork by Souliya Phoumivong
artwork by Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch
The Great Adventure of the Material World, 2019
artwork by Lu Yang

You can play artworks and you will understand better.

Jack The Skinners, 2019
artwork by P7
Thai Death Starr, 2019
artwork by Ubatsat
Untitled, 2020
artwork by Peerachai (Samer) Patanapornchai

Samer’s artworks make me wondered. He uses word associations related to rhymes and pictograms that often link with astrological stars and logos on buildings. Undecipherable, the codes and symbols are entangled scribbles and numbers that only Samer understands. 

These artworks I enjoyed and admired most.

Hope you like my post and photos.

Stay safe and Healthy!


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