UJ in “Amphawa” Floating Market

Have you ever watched episode of Mickey and Minnie in the floating market (our floating dreams) ?


This is all my imagination about floating market. 😄 but was … in the past time.😉

Last weekend i visited Amphawa floating market.

Amphawa floating market is in the Amphawa district of Samut songkram province.

I heard Amphawa is second best popular floating market near Bangkok . You can drive around 1.30 to 2 hour.

You can get cheap boat trip in canal and river (50 baht/person) for an hour from floating market.

Very interesting local market on the water (canal and river water)

Then finally i had fried rice with pineapple (if you watched that Mickey mouse cartoon, you will understand 😁😄)

Soo i recommend this place. If you wanna travel to Thailand. You must see floating market. 😉

Soo Happy new week! Good luck!





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