Visited Healthy food shop in Bangkok “Guyyu healthy food”

I’ve been living almost 2 months in Bangkok.

Still every things new for me.

Latest 1 month I’ve been trying to loss a weight, to be fit and stronger.

Healthy Food is so important for that.

Today i just tried new place. Name “Guyyu health food shop”in The Street Ratchada .

Then i ordered smoked chicken breast sausage with buckwheat spaghetti.😋

So taste seemed lil too much saucy. When you eat first it’ll seemed salty. Should eat with vegetables. I liked much buckwheat spaghetti noodle.

Menu is so understandable.

It has 4 color. Red is for muscle builder, yellow is loss weight, green is for healthy, blue is for aging. 😀😁😋

Then i would like to give score 6,2 ( 1 to 10, similar like IMDb 😅)

Thank you for your attention 🤗

BTW, Happy October 🤓



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