UJ in Maeklong Railway Market 🚞⛺

Unique? or Dangerous?

The Maeklong Railway Market (famous local market) has been around since 1905.

This market selling fresh vegetables, food, souvenirs and any goods for your need.

What makes the market special is located in train line. (too close)

Actually tourists wants to visit this place. (This spot is very famous in social media, some magazine mentioned about must travel place in Thailand)

This is Maeklong station. Train will be stopped here at 2:30pm.

I had this (mango and sticky rice) when i was waiting a train. Was soo yummy local food.

Finally a train came to the station.


Here some video i uploaded.

One guy almost gonna die when he were recording a video. 😱

Should be more careful.

Also i thought should need more safety officers in here.

So finally for me it seemed a dangerous with an unique.

Was so good adventure! 👏




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